Tree Trimming
Trees can add value and beauty to your property and give your home shade to keep it cool. This is especially important with the hot summers we experience here in Michigan. Regular tree trimming will keep your trees attractive and balanced. Our professionals here at Express Tree Service will inspect your trees and recommend the best method for keeping them beautiful and healthy!

Trimming your trees of deadwood, diseased limbs and low hanging limbs not only keep your trees healthy and balanced but it also protects your family, home, automobiles and property safe from the damage of falling, rubbing and swinging limbs caused from our powerful Michigan storms. We are trained and certified for removal of limbs that interfere with power lines and can handle removal of any hazardous limbs.

Tree Removal
It is an unfortunate fact that you may need a tree removed from your property. Tree removal service is our specialty. Storm damage, disease, age, and other factors may damage a tree and validate its removal. You may want to add on to your home or business and need trees removed to make room for the new structure. This is not a job for home or business owners. Many people are injured each year trying to remove their own trees. Let Express Tree Service remove your trees safely. We use the most advanced methods to remove your tree in the safest quickest way with the least amount of collateral damage possible.

Stump Grinding
Do you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard or at your place of business? Have you tried to remove the stump but it still remains? Tree stump removal is a job for the experts! The professionals at Express Tree Service have the knowledge and the tools to make the job easy even in small, confined work areas. We have high powered grinders that make short work of any size tree stump.

Brush Chipping<
Brush chipping is an excellent option for debris removal if you decide to remove or trim your own trees, as it can be more economical than hauling and safer than burning. An added bonus is that our customers can chose to keep the chip mulch for landscaping or erosion control.

Aerial Cat Rescue
We are animal lovers here at Express Tree Service. Our priorities have been to ensure animals are kept in a safe distance when we are removing trees and limbs. It wasn’t until recently that we decided that to add aerial rescue to our list of services when we discovered that local fire departments were no longer able to help out “scaredy cats”. We don’t always understand why a cat decides to find refuge in high areas that they can’t get down from but we do understand the importance to rescue these animals as they are part of your family.

Express tree service also sells mulch and seasoned hardwood (Cherry, Oak, Ash, Maple and Hickory). Delivery Available.

Express Tree Service has the experience and equipment to get the job done right!

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